Named after a small town in Lazio, Italy, Atina kitchen is inspired by Italian cooking, eating and drinking with a modern British twist.  A family run business serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, it serves food & drink from 9am – 9:30pm (excluding Sunday evenings).With summer fast approaching, why not take a seat in the delightful private courtyard!


What has inspired Atina Kitchen?

Many family holidays to Atina visiting relatives over the years and ultimately always wanting, as a family, to open a restaurant where people can come and feel at home with some great food and drink.

How has the restaurant evolved over time?

Quite a lot really! Starting out as ‘café’ years ago we have now really grown into something the entire team is really proud of – a unique independent restaurant with an ever-expanding gin list, great wines & cocktails.

What’s your favorite dish on the menu?

It’s got to be the Duck dish on the current dinner menu. It’s served with some baby turnips, blueberry purée, crisp potato, spinach & jus. Really good seller too!

Do you create the menus yourself?

All the kitchen team is involved in the menu development process. We do event nights each month, this is a good time to experiment and several dishes we’ve produced at these events have made their way on to the menu.

When is the busiest time for your restaurant, and do you have deals on that attract people during those times?

Busiest time is always the weekend.  Throughout the day, you don’t necessarily have to book, it’s fairly easy going.  However, in the evenings, it’s always advisable to book.

We have a drink offer which is £12 for two cocktails, £5 off any bottle of wine including our ‘off menu’ wines and two for one on bottles of Peroni or Estrella Galicia. This offer is available between 5-7pm Monday to Friday.

Describe Atina Kitchen in three words?

Eat. Drink. Enjoy!

What is your take on the current independent restaurant scene in Chester?

Chester has some really good independent places.  It’s a good community, everybody helps each other out. I’d like to see more independent restaurants and businesses and more support for them. All our staff are big supporters of independents and would choose an independent over anywhere else. 

What is the future vision for Atina Kitchen?

To keep evolving, keeping things fresh and interesting, keeping the team motivated. We have talked about expanding in the future.

To make a booking with Atina Kitchen call 01244 320894 or you can book through their website